Standard CTP Off Line
Sheeting Machine

Maximum web width 1400mm (55”)
Cut off range 400 – 1500mm (Min. 360mm & Max. 2000mm optional)
Maximum mechanical speed 300 M/min
Cut to register accuracy +/- 0.1mm throughout speed change
Materials  Film, Paper & Paper or Foil Laminated
Paper weight (cut to register) 30 – 400 gsm single web
 Paper weight (multi webs) 30 – 500 gsm

CTP in line with press facility

Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Cut off range 400 – 1500mm (Min. 360mm optional)
In feed nip unit (optional)
Reject gate  1 – 3 sheets (adjustable)
Non stop delivery unit 400 – 1000mm
Pile height 1.2 or 1.5m

CTP in line with foil
rewinding facility

Maximum reel diameter of the foil rewinder 800mm (other optional)
Individual tension unit for film (optional)
Cut of range 400 – 1500mm (Min. 360mm optional)
Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1mm

CTP in line with embossing and/or perforation facilities

Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Maximum width of embossing or peroration 1400mm
Individual tension unit Yes
Additional web guiding unit Yes